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How Does Acupuncture Work


My goal is to bring an ancient modality into a modern world. Acupuncture treats or helps with many ailments and disease. If you can imagine, thousands of years ago there was not western medicine nor surgical procedures or pharmaceuticals. The Chinese used their medicine which had a way of treating and curing with their generational techniques.


Why does it work? As my Chinese professors told me... many years of experience goes into just one acupuncture point. I can work on your leg to help your frozen shoulder. In sitting down to try to explain thousands of years of knowledge, I have come to the conclusion that I can say qi flow, meridians, deficiency or excess... but to make it easy on us all... 



Throughout the years, many scientific studies have proven it reduces inflammation - which is most disease and signals pain receptors and these both ease or stops pain. The world health Organization (WHO) has recognized Acupuncture to treat and help many diseases.


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Aspen Acupuncture

1268 2nd Ave, Cumberland, Wisconsin 54829, United States

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